Department of Public Safety

Contacting the Police - Medical Emergencies

All emergency situations involving students, university employees and visitors should be managed by activation of the 911 emergency support system. Dial 3-4000 for all on-campus emergencies and Public Safety will contact 911.

Members of the faculty and staff employed by the university are not eligible to receive treatment from the Student Health Clinic. Care for work related accidents, injuries and acute illness should be facilitated by releasing the employee from work duties and directing them to Allen Occupational Health Services.

Visitors to campus who require medical care should be managed in the same way as faculty and staff. Local emergency rooms provide 24-hour access to care if a private clinic appointment is not available, appropriate or desired by the client. Student Health Clinic physicians and nurses (during normal working hours when school is in session) are available to assist in advising visitors about sources of care in the community.