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Freshman Orientation and New Students

Welcome to the University of Northern Iowa & the Department of Public Safety's page for New Students!
It is our sincerest desire to make your transition into the UNI community as smooth as possible.
Below you will find general information regarding campus parking. Here we answer some of your basic, oft asked questions.


What kind of parking permit can I get & How much is it? 

When can I get my parking permit? 

Where and when can I park with my permit? 

Parking Meters  Overnight Parking 

Basic rules for parking on campus

Unless using a metered area, all vehicles operating on the UNI campus must register with the Parking Services Office.

Park only in areas valid for your permit or park in a non-visitor metered area. Most lots are restricted from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Read the signs posted at the entrance of each lot.

23rd Street (in front of Lawther, Campbell and Bartlett Halls, UNI Bookstore, etc) Campus Street (adjacent Campbell and Dancer Halls) are City of Cedar Falls controlled streets, not UNI. Do not park on any City street contrary to the posted signage.

What kind of parking permit can I get & How much is it?

New beginning Fall 2020: If you have an outstanding balance on your student account, you will not have the ability to select U Bill as a payment method. This is a University policy. All other payment methods are still available.


what kind of parking permit can i get and how much is it
















*Must park in designated motorcycle parking areas. You cannot park in a regular parking stall.

** All disable parking stalls require both a current UNI permit and state issued disabled placard/plate.

C Preferred (CP) Parking Permit Note: The overall number of CP permits are capped and issued on a first come, first ordered basis. Once all issued, the option to order one will no longer appear on the Parking Portal. If excess capacity exists in the spring, an announcement will be made and any available CP permits may be purchased/exchanged by the Parking Office on a first come, first served basis to anyone living in the residence halls (except ROTH or Jennings Apartments).

When can I get my parking permit?             

Once you have a UNI ID number, My UNIverse account & registered for fall classes…                Back to Top

  • Order your Academic Year 2021-22 parking permit by going to our new Parking Portal.
  • Make sure you know your vehicle license plate number. (If the vehicle has no plates issued to it yet, you can still order a permit!). Go to the Permit Ordering: Students, Faculty & Staff page for additional information. 
  • You can go onto the Parking Portal and add a vehicle even if you are not sure what permit you may need. We'll have your vehicle info on file!
  • Parking permit applications submitted by July 30th paid for by UBill will be processed beginning July 31st and billed with tuition in August. 
  • If you need to cancel or modify your order, please contact our office.
  • Permits are not delivered and/or mailed until after August 1, 2021, even if you choose credit card as a payment.

Where and when can I park with my permit?           

This chart gives you a general idea. Refer to the complete Parking Map & Parking Manual for more details.   Back to Top

 All parking regulations are enforced during semester breaks, seasonal holidays and during the summer break.

 Most areas are posted for a specific permit and/or time limit.

 If in doubt, please... don't park!

where and when can i park with my permit
























*CP lots will be treated as C lots during interim periods in addition to the Summer months: the week following spring finals thru the week before fall classes begin.

Parking in lots adjacent to the Residence Halls (C Preferred Lots) is restricted to a max time limit as posted from Monday August 16 through Friday August 20, 2021. There is NO PARKING in these lots from 1 am to 7 am (overnight) during this time period. CP permit holders may start using these lots Saturday Aug 21, 2021.
NOTE: Dates and max time listed are subject to change. Please obey all posted signage at entrance to lot.

Parking Meters…

You cannot park in the metered lot by the Performing Arts Center at any time even if you pay the meters. The lot is for visitors only. Students, faculty & staff are not considered visitors.

All other meters are for your use but you must pay the posted rate and stay no longer than the max time indicated. These vary from 30 minutes to 8 hours.

No overnight parking (1 am-7 am) allowed in any metered lot or stall.

You may also pay for select meters using ParkMobile pay-by-phone app!               Back to Top

Overnight Parking…

Allowed only in C, C Preferred, and R lots with the appropriate permit. All other areas, lots and stalls are off limits to parking 1 am to 7 am every day of the year.

See Parking Map for details.                  Back to Top