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What information do I need to obtain a parking permit?

A completed permit registration card obtained from Public Safety which identifies vehicle make, year, model, and license number. Permit fees may be paid by cash, check, or added to your University bill.

(Faculty/Staff may have permit fee payroll deducted). University ID is required for billing.

Where do I put my permit on my car?

The parking permits are designed to be self-adhesive by removing all wrapping and backing and must be totally affixed by this means. Permits shall be displayed in the lower left corner of the front windshield. However, permits can be obtained on a Dept. of Public Safety approved rear-view mirror hanger. All hanging permits must hang from the rear-view mirror inside the vehicle and be visible.

How can I get a permit if I have two vehicles I drive to campus?

Any individual can choose the option of having a transferable hanging permit for use on multiple vehicles.

My car is in the shop and I am using another car without a permit. What can I do?

Contact Public Safety about a temporary permit. If your vehicle is being repaired and you have a current permit on that vehicle, Public Safety will issue a temporary permit for the car you are using. If utilizing a hanging permit, it can be used on multiple vehicles.


Parking Tickets

I received a ticket for illegal parking. The area I parked in did not have any signs indicating that it was illegal to park. Why did I get this ticket?

Section 8.1 of the Motor Vehicle and Bicycle Regulations states "Parking of motor vehicles is prohibited except in those locations which have been CLEARLY MARKED BY SIGNS CONTROLLING THEIR USE. It is illegal to park in any area that is not specifically designated for parking. Violators will be ticketed and are subject to tow."

I loaned my car to a friend who parked it in a no parking zone. Now I'm billed for a ticket which I didn't know about. Do I have to pay the ticket?

With the exception of moving violations, the person registering the vehicle is responsible for all parking tickets issued to that vehicle regardless of who parked the vehicle illegally.

What happens if I don't pay my tickets?

Parking tickets which are not paid within ten (10) days of issuance will receive an additional $7.00 late charge. Unpaid fines will be automatically added to your University bill. Unpaid fines may prevent the student from registering for classes or obtaining transcripts, and in some cases, result in suspension of parking privileges on University property. Unpaid fines for faculty/staff may be payroll deducted.


Ticket Appeals

I received a ticket and I don't feel I deserve it. What can I do?

Any ticket can be appealed within ten (10) days at the Department of Public Safety, 30 Gilchrist Hall, during normal business hours. Appeals can be made orally or in written form. Failure to appear at the appointed time on an oral appeal will result in denial of your appeal.

How will I know what decision the Appeals Committee made on my appeal?

The Appeals Committee meets once a week to hear written and oral appeals. You will be notified by mail of the committee's decision on your appeal.

Who is the Appeals Committee?

The Appeals Committee is made up of faculty, staff, and students.


Special Needs

I traded my old car for a new one; what do I have to do to get my permit?

If you have changed vehicles, simply scrape off the old permit (or as much as possible) and present the remnants to the Department of Public Safety. A replacement will be issued at no charge. Those with hanging permits only need to register their new license plate with UNI Parking.

I have several heavy and large items to take into a building. What should I do?

All permit holders are eligible to use the areas marked Loading Zone for short-term parking. If circumstances require additional time or closer parking, contact the Department of Public Safety to arrange for your parking needs.

I broke my leg and am on crutches for a while. Can I use the Handicapped area?

Persons who have short-term disabilities may apply for handicapped parking privileges at the UNI Department of Public Safety. In most cases, a physician's explanation is needed.

My Parking Permit was stolen from my vehicle - what should I do to replace it?

Replacement of transferable hanging parking permits, which have been lost or stolen from an unlocked vehicle, will be at the current permit price. If a vehicle is sold or disposed of without removal of the self-adhesive window parking permit, the replacement fee will be $5.00. There is no replacement fee to those persons whose permits have been stolen through forced entry (police report required) to their vehicle, or when remnants of the old permit are returned to the Department of Public Safety. Contact the Department of Public Safety for additional information.



I parked my car and when I returned my car had been towed and I don't know why.

Vehicles may be towed or impounded if any of (but not limited to) the following conditions exist:

  1. The vehicle has accumulated a total of five (5) unpaid violation citations or a total of fifty dollars ($50) in unpaid penalties.
  2. The vehicle is improperly or illegally parked for a period exceeding eight (8) hours.
  3. The vehicle is improperly or illegally parked and poses a traffic hazard or an obstruction to the normal movement of traffic.
  4. The vehicle appears to be abandoned or left unattended for a time exceeding twenty-four (24) hours.
  5. The vehicle habitually violates the parking rules. The receipt of ten (10) parking tickets within an academic year will establish an vehicle/owner as a habitual violator.


General Parking Information

My parents are coming to visit. What do I tell them about parking?

Visitors of UNI students and all other visitors can obtain a temporary permit from the Department of Public Safety during their stay. Overnight visitors must park in C or R designated Parking areas, and are subject to all rules and regulations governing parking facilities.

I parked at a meter and didn't receive the amount of time I paid for. What do I do?

If you receive a ticket, bring it to the Department of Public Safety and we will check the meter. If the malfunction is verified, the ticket will be cleared through an appeal.

Who sets the parking and traffic rules at UNI?

The Public Safety Advisory Committee makes recommendations to the University President concerning regulations and policies for parking and traffic control on the University campus. The committee reserves the right to regulate and control traffic as it deems necessary and may change these regulations with due notice published in the Northern Iowan.


The Department of Public Safety urges all of those utilizing campus parking facilities to familiarize themselves with current rules and regulations governing parking.