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Department of Public Safety

Parking Division - Paying Parking Tickets

If you receive a parking/traffic violation, you have ten (10) days to appear at the Department of Public Safety, 30 Gilchrist Hall, during normal business hours and do one of the following:

  • Pay the penalty imposed
  • Make an appointment to present an oral appeal to the Appeals Committee
  • File a written appeal of the violation

If you do not pay the assessed fine, or initiate an appeal within ten (10) days following the issuance of a violation citation or the denial of an appeal, an additional penalty of two dollars ($5.00) will be assessed. Unpaid tickets will be payroll deducted from employee's salary or placed on student U-bills.

Payment of violations can not be payroll deducted or placed on the U-bill without the $5.00 penalty assessment.

Ticket Appeals

Online Ticket Appeal Form

Any ticket can be appealed within ten (10) days at the Department of Public Safety, 30 Gilchrist Hall, during normal business hours.  Appeals will be accepted in oral or written form by the Appeals Committee. Failure to appear at the appointed time on an oral appeal will result in denial of your appeal.

The Appeals Committee meets once a week to hear written and oral appeals. You will be notified by mail of the committee's decision on your appeal. The decision of the Appeals Committee is final, but may be heard de novo by the District Court as prescribed by law.

The Appeals Committee is made up of faculty, staff, and students.

Parking Ticket Drop Boxes 

For your convenience, UNI Public Safety offers parking fine drop boxes. Rather than coming to 30 Gilchrist Hall, fines can be paid at three campus locations.

Fine Drop BoxThese locations are:

  • Wellness Recreation Center Lot
  • Baker Lot
  • Latham Field A Lot
  • Gallagher Bluedorn Visitor Lot

The red boxes are attached to meter poles in the above lots.