Department of Public Safety

Parking Division - Penalties & Fees

For complete rules and regulations please see the 2019-2020 Parking Regulations


Penalties & Fees effective August 26, 2019

Altering, counterfeiting or illegal use of any parking permit $50.00 each offense
Failure to purchase parking permit $17.00 each offense
Improper display of parking permit $5.00 each offense
Failure to display parking permit $5.00 each offense
Late payment $7.00 each offense
Illegal parking (1) $17.00 each offense
Illegal parking in a Service or Official Vehicle Zone or a Tow Zone (1) $30.00 each offense
Loading zone (timed parking areas) parking violations (2) $17.00 each offense
Disabled parking violations including handicapped access area (1) $200.00 each offense
Overtime parking at meters (2) $15.00 each offense
Parking in G, A, & B lots from 1:00 a.m.-7:00 a.m. during snow removal $25.00 each offense
Vehicles parked along the curb in C, C Preferred and R lots during snow removal $25.00 each offense
Fines for habitual violators will be double the normal fee Refer to Section 8.8 (e)
Improper use of roller skates, rollerblades or skateboards $25.00 each offense
Moving violations:  
Driving on campus walks or lawns $40.00 each offense
Driving around or moving a barricade $40.00 each offense
Excessive speed on campus drives, streets, and roads $40.00 each offense
Failure to comply with traffic control devices (stop signs) $40.00 each offense
All other moving violations $40.00 each offense

(1). Parking tickets for illegal parking may be issued once every two (2) hours for the same violation and location.

(2). Multiple parking citations may be issued throughout the day to vehicles remaining at an expired meter or timed parking zone.