Department of Public Safety

Parking Division - Permit Sales

UNI Public Safety offers on-line parking registration to make the permit process as easy as possible for the UNI community. The process uses the secure MyUNIverse system to efficiently purchase, process and deliver your parking permit.

The online permit application will open sometime in April 2021 for the 2021-2022 academic year permit via our new online Parking Portal.

This option is available to current faculty, staff and students. Login to My UNIverse and click on Life @ UNI. Under the section Parking on Campus, click on Parking Permit. You will be taken to the login screen and after logging in, you will be taken to the parking permit application.

Primary license plate information can now be entered via the online permit application. While it is helpful to enter the license plate information here it is also very important the correct information is entered.  If you are unsure of the license plate information or need to add additional license plates to your permit, please contact the Parking Division at one of the following numbers: 273-3179 or 273-2710.

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How will I get my permit?

Permits can be mailed by campus mail or US mail, picked up at the Parking Operations office, or be picked up when you move into your room.

Permits for the next academic year will not be processed, mailed or ready for pickup until after August 1.

When will I be charged for the permit?

The permit charges will show up in your first U-Bill (for students) or paycheck (for employees) of the semester, not when you purchase the permit. Employees can choose deductions over one, two or three months on a non-pretax basis or over the course of an employee's yearly pay on a pre-tax basis. The online application for second semester only allows for one month non-pretax deduction.

I am registering for classes, but I may not come back next semester, should I buy a permit?

It is your decision. You can cancel your permit request up until August 1st online, after that, you will need to seek a refund at the Parking Operations, 30 Gilchrist Hall.