Department of Public Safety

Parking Division - Vehicle Permits

All vehicles on campus visitors to students to faculty need to have parking permits to meet their specific needs.


Any UNI Student who intends to use the campus parking facilities, must have their vehicle registered and must display the proper parking permit. Students can register for their parking permit online through MyUniverse. To learn how to do this click here.

Living On-Campus

On-campus students are eligible to receive parking permits for C or R lots. Students that renew their housing contract with the Department of Residence may be eligible for a C Preferred parking permit. This permit allows the student to park in C Preferred parking areas. Additionally, residents of Roth Apartments are eligible for a B permit.

Living Off-Campus

Off-campus students are eligible for a B parking permit. This permit must be obtained if you plan to use the B lots between 7:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

Off-Campus students that attend a class after 4:00 pm are eligible to receive an R parking permit.

Graduate Assistants

Graduate Assistants may purchase the A or B parking permits in accordance with all applicable motor vehicle parking regulations.

Faculty & Staff

All UNI Faculty and Staff that wish to use the campus parking facilities at any time must register their vehicle(s) and display the proper parking permit.

Any staff member has the option to purchase either the G, A, B, or R permit. Applications for permits can be made at the Department of Public Safety, 30 Gilchrist Hall.

A and B parking lots are oversold. Purchasing an A or B permit does not guarantee the purchaser a parking space.

Any retired faculty or staff member who meets the requirements under the retirement policy will qualify for an E permit which enables the individual to park in any A, B, C or R parking lots at no cost.

G Parking Permits

A lottery will be held annually to determine the holders of G permits and to determine the positions of persons on the waiting list for gated (G) parking facilities. The lottery will be held the third week of August and the applicants will be notified through campus mail of their position in the lottery. Staff members with the G permit are issued a lot entry card and may park in the designated G lot.

Visitors & Guests

Campus visitors and guests are asked to park in the metered areas of parking lots or in the "metered" visitor lot north of the Performing Arts Center.

An information phone is located in the Information Booth. The Information Booth can be found at the intersection of Campus Street and University Avenue. This phone can also be used to contact Public Safety, if needed.

All overnight visitors or guests must obtain a courtesy parking permit from the Department of Public Safety and shall park in any C or R parking area between the hours of 1:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m., seven (7) days a week.

Visitors who attend conferences will pay a conference rate of $2.50 per 12 hour period (or part thereof), and will park in designated areas assigned by the Department of Public Safety.


All motorcycle operators who wish to use the campus parking facilities, must purchase a parking permit which is to be permanently attached to the vehicle. Motorcycles must be parked in the designated motorcycle areas.

Mopeds classify as motorcycles.

Handicap Parking

Permanently disabled persons wishing to use the university disabled parking facilities must display the appropriate university parking permit and the state disabled identification permit. Application forms for the state disabled identification permit may be obtained from any County Treasurer's Office.

Anyone with a short-term disability may apply for disabled parking privileges at the UNI Department of Public Safety, 30 Gilchrist Hall.