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Permit Ordering: Students, Faculty & Staff


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When you enter the online portal, you will only see permits you are eligible to receive and are available on-line. For all other permits, you must visit or contact the Parking Office.

New beginning Fall 2020: If you have an outstanding balance on your student account, you will not have the ability to select U Bill as a payment method. This is a University policy. All other payment methods are still available.

C Preferred (CP) Parking Permits: The overall number of CP permits are capped and issued on a first come, first ordered basis. Once all issued, the option to order one will no longer appear on the Parking Portal. If excess capacity exists in the spring, an announcement will be made and any available CP permits may be purchased/exchanged on a first come, first served basis to anyone living in the residence halls (except ROTH or Jennings Apartments).

New Students: You must be enrolled in classes to log in.  If you are not, please wait until after that time to access using your UNI CatID and passphrase and please do not create a visitor or guest account. 

If you are planning to live off campus next fall, you must wait until your status changes to order permits (B or R) for off-campus students.

Conversely, if you are planning to live on campus next fall, you must wait until your status changes to order permits for off-campus students.

How to order:

1. Select the desired permit. Only the permits you are eligible for will appear. The system bases eligibility from data drawn from the UNI SIS and Human Resources. In addition:

  • Only one permit per vehicle for online orders.
  • Those persons classified as an affiliate must come to the Parking Office for an authorized permit. Please contact our office if you need a permit.
  • "A" permits are restricted to one per person unless approved by the Parking Office. 
  • Service and Residence Hall Coordinator permits must be obtained through the Parking Office.
  • “CP” (C Preferred) permits are restricted to one per person to those eligible.
  • Persons approved via Student Accessibility Services for special parking accommodations must come to the Parking Office.
  • Permits are not delivered and/or mailed until after August 1, 2021, even if you choose credit card as a payment.
  • If you are no longer eligible for the permit you ordered, or order a permit contrary to established policies, the Parking Office will reject the order. Credit card payments are refunded and you must submit a new order or come to the Parking Office.

2. Add your vehicle (See Adding a Vehicle below). This is the vehicle upon which the permit will go.

3. The Active date here is the date you ordered. 

4. Select a delivery method. To help reduce crowd size and ensure proper social distancing at the Parking Office, mail is the only option until otherwise announced. For delivery to your residence hall or campus office, select mail and the correct address.

5. Select an address you want the permit sent to.  Once you put the order through, this is where the permit will go.

If you wish it sent to an address other than those listed, you may add one. See below Adding an Address.

To maintain consistency with other UNI correspondence, the parking system draws all addresses, including e-mail, from Student Information Systems (SIS) and Human Resources and cannot be changed here. For auditing & recordkeeping purposes, old addresses may still appear and cannot be removed. Any changes to these addresses or e-mail must be made through your MyUNIverse account. If you wish it sent to an address other than those listed, you may add one. See below Adding an Address.

Adding an address in the Parking Portal will not update your UNIverse account.

6. Read and accept the Permit Agreement.

7. Select Add to Cart. If there any missing data, a message will appear. Correct as necessary. If everything's okay, a confirmation comes up. 

If you wish to order another permit for another vehicle, and are eligible to do so, repeat steps 1 – 9. Remember: "A" permits are restricted to one per person unless approved by the Parking Office, and  & “CP” (C Preferred) permits are restricted to one per person.

8. Go to Cart. 

  • Select payment type available for your status. 
  • Confirm email address for receipt. Change if needed.
  • Confirm the permit is what you want and eligible for.
  • Delete any unwanted items in the shopping cart as needed. 
  • Accept Agreement. 
  • Select Check out or the order will not go through! 

9. Receipt information screen appears. 

Please remember, permits are not approved, issued, delivered, and/or mailed until after August 1, 202, even if you choose credit card as a payment. 

Adding a Vehicle

Note: For auditing and record keeping purposes, previously registered vehicles will still appear and cannot be removed.

An asterisk indicates a mandatory field. Select Cancel at any time to exit. Once you select Update, the vehicle is entered, and you must add a new vehicle to make any changes. 

Select the Permit Icon on the landing page:

parking portal landing page icons

Under Vehicles, Select Add New Vehicle.

add a new vehicle button


Adding New Vehicle

1. Enter the plate number. NO SPACES BETWEEN LETTERS & NUMBERS OR SPECIAL CHARACTERS. Plates entered incorrectly will cause problems for your account or have citations linked to your account that may not be not yours. Example:

license plate sample

Enter as ABC123. No spaces regardless of state.

If you do not have a registered plate or are using either a temporary or dealer plate, enter your UNI ID in the plate field.  DO NOT ENTER WORDS LIKE N/A, NO PLATE, TEMP, ETC. Your UNI ID is a unique number that will not tie other vehicles to your account. Once you have registered your vehicle, go back in and enter the vehicle again with the plate info.

2. Enter the two letter state designation or scroll down to the appropriate state.

3. Enter the primary color (if two toned, select most prevalent). Only primary colors are listed. Select the closest one.

4. Enter make: Use dropdown list.

5. Enter Model (if known & not all models are listed). 

6. VIN: Enter only if you currently have only a temp or dealer plate.

7. Under relationship, please select Owner. Due to the current configuration of the system, this ensures the vehicle goes to your account. 

8. Select Update. The vehicle should now appear under the Vehicles area. 





Adding An Address

Note: For auditing and recordkeeping purposes, old addresses will still appear and cannot be removed.

You may add new addresses as needed. Visitors must do this when creating an account.

Current students, faculty, and staff: Adding a new address here does not update any UNI account. It will only appear in the parking portal. 

Select Cancel at any time to exit. Once you select Update, the address is entered. To make any changes, you must enter the address again by selecting Add New Address. 

adding a new address button

2. In Address Type, click the down arrow, then select Custom. This is the only option available if adding your own address. ​

address type sample

3. Enter an address in the Address 1 field. You do not need to enter your name here again. 

If the address is the name of a company, put that here and the address in the Address 2 field. 

4. Enter City, State (use two letter code or drop down list), and Zip Code.

5. Double check everything. 

6. Select Update.

Changing or Caneling Your Order

If you need to change your order before you receive your permit, please email our office at and make your request.