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What is SAFE?

SAFE is a crime prevention course that provides an introduction to self defense techniques. SAFE presentations are taught only by certified instructors and cover general awareness and familiarization on crime prevention and self defense issues.

SAFE is a two-hour class that is designed to be presented to small-to-medium sized groups. The class includes an introduction, short film, training materials, discussion and hands-on, physical training. Each participant also receives a portfolio and additional materials.

UNI instructors have presented to sorority groups; hospice residents and families; and other UNI groups. The class is taught by a certified UNI Police Officer and requires a large enough room to allow limited physical training.

Who Can Attend SAFE?

SAFE is offered only to female participants. This is to provide a safe and non-intimidating environment for participants. The gender requirement is the same as the UNI Police RAD classes.

SAFE Hands-On Training

Our SAFE program includes hands-on physical training. The limited course time allows only basic techniques to be taught, but the goal is to introduce "the possibility of physical training as an option" for self defense. The physical training is used to demonstrate techniques, familiarize the participants with physical force and allow each person to make an informed decision about their options. This is not a "self-defense" course but instead an introduction to crime prevention issues that includes a physical element.

Participants should dress for physical activity. Participants are free to opt-out of any activities they do not feel comfortable performing.

Adjunct to RAD Training

The SAFE program provides an introduction to self defense options for women. The introductory nature of the class meshes with the UNI Police RAD classes. RAD is more extensive class that teaches awareness, avoidance and physical techniques to participants. The two courses are strongly complementary and attendance at either or both is strongly recommended.

SAFE Instructor

Andrea Jennings
Police Officer, SAFE Instructor, RAD Instructor
Office: 319.273.2712