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Sexual Assault - Violence Against Women Resources

In 2000, the University of Northern Iowa applied for and received a federal grant to combat gender-based violence in a comprehensive manner.

While ongoing grant funding was limited, the UNI departments involved in the process have made a variety of steps to sustain and expand programs focusing on gender-based violence.

The Department of Public Safety, Police Division has added training for the UNI Police officers. The training encompasses a variety of areas:

  • Sexual Assault Response and Documentation
  • Cultural Sensitive Response to Abuse Victims
  • Gender Oriented Crimes and special circumstances
  • Utilization of Family Service League and other community resources to assist victims

The special victim training has been held in concert with the Cedar Falls Police Department, Black Hawk County Sheriff and other area law enforcement agencies, creating an increased level of service throughout the community for victims of gender-based violence.

UNI Public Safety also has emergency cell phones that can be checked out to persons who have concerns about their safety. This might be a person whom has been assaulted, the victim of a stalking, or a great many other situations. UNI Police Officers can issue these phones to any community member in need.

Emergency phones have added throughout the UNI Campus to increase safety.

The area law enforcement agencies are also coordinating sex assault response with the Black Hawk SANE - Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners. SANE-trained nurses are available at all of the Metro hospitals. This developing program provides coordination between the law enforcement, medical and after-care resources for victims of sexual abuse.

The Special Victim Training and teaming with SANE is coordinated at UNI Public Safety by Associate Director Milissa Wright.

Rape Aggression Defense classes are offered exclusively to female students and staff by UNI Police officers. Beginning in Fall 2002 and continuing in Spring 2003, RAD classes were added to the Wellness-Recreation Center's Fitness class schedule and a class credit options were arranged with UNI faculty.

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