Active Shooter Information & Training

Violent Incident Defense Strategies (VIDS)

Unfortunately, incidents of armed violence occur in our schools and workplaces. This occurs even in the smallest of towns across our nation. In a perfect world we would be guaranteed safety and security in every moment of our lives. We realistically know there is no such guarantee. We do not, however, need to remain helpless.

We are introducing specific training to provide you with strategies or "tools" to help you in the event you are confronted with an armed violent encounter. Instructors will teach you strategies introduced from the A.L.I.C.E program to empower you by creating options; including escape routes, countering techniques and additional plans to increase your chances of survival in the event of an active shooter, regardless of where you are.

New VIDS training dates will be added soon.

Community Response Checklist - Active Shooter Incident

View or print a PDF checklist on community response.


Contacts for Training

Associate Director Joe Tyler,

UNI Police Numbers
Non-Emergency: 319-273-2712
Emergency: 911
Fax: 319-273-7253