Mission & Values


We are committed to the protection of life and property, the prevention of crime, the enforcement of laws and regulations, and the preservation of constitutional rights.

Values Statements

  • Quality of Life
    The University Department of Public Safety considers the campus quality of life an essential component of the learning environment which we are trusted to protect. We are committed to this charge and focus all necessary attention toward its fulfillment.
  • Integrity
    The University community's trust and confidence in the Department of Public Safety will be earned in large part by the actions and performance of its staff. All staff members are expected to espouse the highest moral standards, conducting themselves in a manner which is fair, ethical, and legal.
  • Democratic Principles
    We respect each person's values and opinions and recognize their constitutional right to express them within the law. We are committed to the protection of every person's constitutional rights and never violate those rights in the pursuit of law enforcement objectives.
  • Cooperation
    We recognize that the cooperation of the University community is vital to the success of our mission. Our relationship with the community must be that of partnership, working together to protect life and property. We are committed to the involvement of the university community in determining policing strategies and tactics that impact their lives.
  • Quality Service
    Quality of service can be directly attributed to the quality of the employees who provide services. The university community should expect the highest quality of public safety and law enforcement services delivered by an educated and well-trained safety staff
  • Sensitivity
  • We seek to ensure that every person will be treated with sensitivity and compassion, regardless of their individual circumstances.
  • Consistency
    We are committed to equal access to public safety services and strive to enforce the law in a fair and consistent manner.