Parameters for Public Forum

The job of UNI Public Safety is to protect the rights of all persons. We support the right of free speech as provided for in the U.S. Constitution. We will monitor events, rallies, protests and the like to help keep order and safety for all while supporting rights of free speech.

To that end, be advised of the following protocol.

At no time can persons:

  • Impede foot or vehicular traffic
  • Force persons to take literature
  • Enter a building with signs, public address systems, flyers or handouts or anything that can be considered a safety hazard or risk
  • Disrupt or attempt to disrupt business, performances, classes, events or similar happenings
  • Enter unauthorized areas or refuse to leave buildings as requested
  • Engage in actions that pose a risk to personal safety

Persons participating in public forums are responsible for obeying all local, state and federal laws. Violations of law will be dealt with accordingly. UNI students are responsible for adhering to the Student Conduct Code. Violators are subject to disciplinary action.