Rave Guardian App

The Rave Guardian app is just one additional way you can keep yourself and the campus safe. Be sure to download the app for your phone.

What is the Rave Guardian app?

Rave Guardian can transform your cell phone into a personal safety device. With this free app, you can create a virtual safety network and immediately connect with the University of Northern Iowa Police Department or other local authorities. Learn more about the app on the official Rave Guardian site.

Use it on campus?

In an emergency on campus, please use the "Emergency Call" option. This will be the fastest way to connect you with the UNI Police Department. Your information such as GPS location and safety profile will be displayed. 

For GPS location to be displayed the app must have location access turned on through your cellphone.

Use it off campus?

Off campus use "911" to connect with a local dispatch center.

What are some of the app’s features?

Virtual Safety Net

As a user, you can create a virtual safety network of friends, roommates and family members. Each person will be set up as a “personal guardian.” This network of people can check in on you when you’re using the app’s safety timer.

Safety Timer

The safety timer can help make sure you get where you’re going safely. Once activated, your personal guardians can monitor your status updates and location, and be notified at assigned check-in times. If the timer expires, the app will automatically notify your trusted “personal guardian”. If you use the panic call button, the UNI Police Department will be notified.

Panic Button

In the event of an emergency while using the Safety Timer feature, a special button on your mobile device can immediately connect to the UNI Police Department. Information will be automatically displayed to the UNI Police Department, such as your GPS location and your safety profile.

Optional Safety Profile

You can choose to fill out a “safety profile,” which will include information like your residence details and medical conditions. Whether you’re on or off the campus, this profile will automatically be presented to officials during an emergency call for a faster, more precise response.

If I download the Rave Guardian app, am I automatically enrolled in UNI Alert?

The Rave Guardian app and UNI Alert are not connected. You must sign up for each separately.

Download the Rave Guardian app:

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